Online & In Class Mindfulness courses

Owning your potential through self discovery

Online & in Class Mindfulness courses

Mindfulness sessions from the comfort of your home

Whether it is being concerned over COVID/tension at home or dealing with pain in your body.

My Mindfulness for Life course can be the start to building resilience, kindness and gratitude. Learn from the safety & comfort of your home, meet new people and get to know yourself. Helping you to enjoy life fully

Children can learn too, with mindfulness for schools

Children today are faced with an unprecedented amount of stress and anxiety, hence why thousands of schools across the country are bringing mindfulness into the classroom.

Seeds 2 Shoots courses are age specific, jam-packed with games, videos and activities that make mindfulness interesting and inspiring

“Mindfulness is a way of paying attention moment to moment to what is happening within and around us without judgement..”

– Tara Brach

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