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Your health is your wealth!

Yoga for schools

Other than flexibility, fitness and calmness, Yoga also benefits childrens concentration and self-esteem. The classes also include social & emotional aspects of learning, therefore they provide a more holistic approach to a lesson. All students can experience this fun, energetic yet calming class.

Mindfulness for schools

Children today are faced with an unprecedented amount of stress and anxiety, hence why thousands of schools across the country are bringing mindfulness into the classroom. Seeds 2 Shoots courses are age specific, jam-packed with games, videos and activities that make mindfulness interesting and inspiring.

Mindfulness for individuals

Whether it is being concerned over COVID/tension at home or dealing with pain in your body. My Mindfulness for Life course can be the start to building resilience, kindness and gratitude. Learn from the safety & comfort of your home, meet new people and get to know yourself. Helping you to enjoy life fully.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention moment to moment to what is happening within and around us without judgement..

- Tara Brach

How mindfulness can help...

There are several ways in which mindfulness can improve our lives


Why is it hard to break bad habits?

We all have a few bad habits that we would like to break. They can be so entrenched in our daily lives that sometimes we don’t even know we are doing them! When we continually repeat behaviours, the nerve cells in our brain are talking to one another and are firing in a particular configuration. A path is created between these nerve cells and it’s just easy to continue to do as we always have done! Neurons that “fire together, wire together”. However due to our brains plasticity it is possible to create new productive positive pathways.

Young Adults...

Why Mindfulness belongs in the classroom

Do you have a teenager who suffers from anxiety, has self-esteem issues, experienced bullying or is just struggling from the imposed isolation from COVID? Mindfulness can help teens build their own resilience to survive the storms of stress and adversity.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"


Benefits for Brain and Behaviour in kids

Modern research shows that the brain is not static after early adulthood, but a vibrant and changing organ which changes as we encounter new experiences. It is therefore possible to change unfavourable habits and learn new favourable ones but as the saying goes... practice makes perfect and it takes time!! Through regular training of the mind it is also possible to observe difficult emotions and not react, resulting in children having more space to respond differently. Self-esteem and self confidence can grow through practices which involve growing kindness towards ourselves & others.


It's more than just being flexible!

When I ask the children, what is your favourite part of the lesson? 90% say the Ladybird Relaxation. This part of the class can be used for p1-7 with more detail given to the older children. It gives the children around 5 minutes to lie down, close their eyes and take their attention to different parts of their bodies. This is helped by a soft, small toy ladybird landing on their toes, thumbs, knee, nose etc...