Seeds2Shoots: Young Adults Programme

Young Adults Programme

A strong foundation of trust and safety is built at the start of the programme in order for the students to feel comfortable to share their thoughts and experiences.

The bulk and heart of the course is the facilitation of resilience, kindness and wisdom and as the course progresses the students start to entangle concepts such as the mindful attitude (not resisting) and start to identify what they really want out of life.

I’ve been practicing at home and I really think it's helping me to relax

- Student - 3rd Year, Blairgowrie High School

the course.

The S.O.M.A Programme

The programme is packed with activities that are designed to promote fun, trust, interaction, connection and deeper awareness of themselves.


  • Designed for 11-25 year olds.

  • Flexible programme to suit your schools needs

what students learn

  • Social Connection

  • Openness to enjoyment

  • Meaning & purpose

  • Action & agency

what is S.O.M.A?

The acronym S.O.M.A covers the foundations of wellbeing...


ocial Connection

We depend on the love and care of others for our own health & wellbeing. Through videos and exercises the students explore the need for quality experiences with people whom they care for and feel cared by and start to grasp that these experiences don’t necessarily require money.Mindfulness - using the power of the mind


penness to Enjoyment

Our enjoyment of life can come alive through our love for music, art, food and doing things we enjoy as well as our strength of gratitude and appreciation. Students are introduced to the art of meditation at this point, focusing their attention using their senses to connect with the present moment.


eaning & Purpose

What do we really care about? Is life only about positive happy experiences or can we learn from our mistakes and disappointments? Through activities the students reflect on what is important to them and examine whether or not they live their lives according to their beliefs. Mindfulness - using the power of the mind


ction & agency

How do you feel when you are really immersed in something you care about or accomplish something that challenges you? The students are invited to investigate what it is that they do in life which makes them feel good plus through little fun tasks, the student can see this in a little more detail.