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“The most valuable thing I've learned is to be grateful for all of things I have in my life and not just focus on what I don't have.”
Mindfulness for Life Course
“I have really enjoyed taking my attention to my breath, it really helps me to slow down & pause.”
Mindfulness for Life course
“Mairi delivered an excellent course for our young people that covered a range of important issues and balanced reflective thinking with introductions to practice. The young people involved were very positive about their experiences. They enjoyed the practice of mindfulness and were keen to learn and try more. The activities were an engaging blend of fun, team building and the chance to be mindful, all delivered in a friendly and encouraging manner"
Deputy Head
Blairgowrie High School

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“Make sure you weave your parachute every day, rather than leave it to the time you have to jump out of the plane.”

– Jon Kabit-Zinn