Seeds2Shoots: Yoga for schools

Yoga for schools

It is now no longer uncommon to see children in schools practicing Yoga. In my experience they generally love it and enjoy every moment!! What we hope for all our children is to be healthy, physically and mentally as well as feel good about themselves.​

Children are natural sponges as well as natural Yogis who love to shape their bodies to create beautiful shapes. I believe that regular yoga sessions can improve the health & well-being of children through enhancing physical strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, focus, self-esteem, confidence and quality rest.

I think yoga is great fun, it's super exciting and it makes me very relaxed. The teacher is also very nice.

- Student - P3, Rattray Primary School


Yoga for kids is about FUN & can improve

  • listening skills

  • confidence

  • self-awareness

  • respect for others

  • inter-personal skills

  • physical fitness

  • balance

In Practice

I use a visual timetable for kids in order for them to feel in control of what's happening within the class, this is especially helpful with children who are autistic. This timetable gives a good structure to the class, with several games building on the above skills and always finishing with a relaxation.

Unsurprisingly when I ask the children which game or part of the class they like best, around 90% say the relaxation. I generally leave this part to the end however occasionally I start with the relaxation, depending on how hyper the class seem or the time of day. The relaxation involves a tiny, shy ladybird who wants to land on different parts of their bodies (toe, knee, thumb, shoulder, nose, shoulder, thumb, knee, toe) in order to have a rest whilst on her way flying home.

The kids are encouraged to take their attention this these parts of their bodies as well as notice the softness of the toy ladybird on their skin/clothes. This is a bodyscan practice associated with mindfulness which helps children tune into the sensations of their body, allowing their minds to focus on the feelings which helps to prevent running into the past or worrying about the future.